polar diving

Polar Diving

As if visiting Antarctica were not otherworldly enough, there is a whole other world for you to explore under the water’s surface. Sign up for polar diving to adventure into a seascape like no other. The Antarctic waters team with krill, meaning quite a lot of marine life visit the area. In addition to seals you’ll also have a good chance to make friends with some the penguin population on your dives. We do not dive with walruses in the area because they can get aggressive – though you may observe them from the Zodiac boat.

Aiming for 1 or 2 dives per day, depending on weather and ice conditions, you will dive under shallow ice, down along walls, from the beach, or from a Zodiac. You’ll reach a maximum depth of 60 feet. Polar diving is like no other dive. The combination of water, sunlight, and ice formations creates an ever-shifting spectacle of colors.