Legendary Snow Hill: March to the Emperor Penguins

During this once-in-a-lifetime experience, journey to the bottom of the world—cruising past masses of dense ice and thick, tabular icebergs—aboard the legendary icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov. True to the explorer spirit, this exclusive Antarctic adventure, last offered by Quark Expeditions in 2010, is your chance to be a part of polar history. You’ll have the rare opportunity to observe one of the most spectacular sights in the wild: the elusive emperor penguin colony off the coast of Snow Hill Island, whose existence was first confirmed in 1997, and to which the first ground visit was conducted by Quark in 2004. Imagine flying in a helicopter to the vicinity of this astounding rookery, then walking across the sea ice to come within several feet of chicks so young they’re huddling with their parents. Watch in awe as these extraordinary creatures toboggan across the ice on their way to the ocean to dive for food. If you’re lucky, some may even approach you! An experience like no other, it’s like a wildlife documentary come to life. Meet the Polar Filmmakers Exclusive to the fourth Snow Hill departure, November 11 - November 24, 2018, we're pleased to announce a special guest who will lend their unique experience to your voyage: Laurent Chalet is best known for his work on March of the Penguins, which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2006, and features Emperor penguins much like those found at Snow Hill. Book the November 11 departure now, or contact a Polar Travel Advisor for more details.