North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure

In 1991, Quark Expeditions fulfilled the bucket-list dreams of several dozen travelers by taking them to the hard-to-reach North Pole—a journey that previously existed only in the wildest imaginations of the most adventurous travelers. Navigating through the thick sea ice aboard a nuclear-powered icebreaker—helmed by the most innovative expedition team in the industry—Quark Expeditions became the first-ever operator to bring travelers to the venerable North Pole. That inaugural voyage fueled the desires of subsequent adventurers who also longed to stand at 90° North—the very top of the world where every direction you look is south—and bask in the glory of a polar adventure experienced by so few. Three decades have passed and Quark Expeditions, the recognized Leader in Polar Adventures, still leads the way in polar travel—and the North Pole remains one of the most sought-after Arctic destinations. Imagine the thrill of a powerful icebreaker crushing through multi-year pack ice as it pushes toward 90° North. Or envision yourself aboard a helicopter as it soars over the icy Arctic Ocean—or standing on a remote spot on the planet where so few have ever set foot. Join us on this exhilarating journey and discover for yourself why the North Pole has, for centuries, stirred the minds and hearts of explorers and adventurers the world-over.