polar cross country skiing

Cross Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing in Antarctica or the Arctic provides travelers an opportunity to experience spectacular frozen landscapes. Travelling quickly and quietly across the snow, you can explore deeper into the wilderness than you’d be able to reach on foot. Ski tours also take advantage of the long daylight hours which provide ample visibility. Our guests can navigate the terrain with confidence led by our extremely knowledgeable and experienced guides. Have questions? Contact us today!

Cross Country Skiing Requirements

In order to partake in this activity we require previous cross country skiing experience. Ski outings last a few hours, so it is imperative to be in good physical shape. Some ships that offer this activity involve strenuous uphill routes. This may require bringing your own ski equipment for specific conditions- contact us for more information as this depends on your specific trip.


Skiing in Antarctica or the Arctic adds an additional cost to your trip (amount depending on the ship). Making reservations in advance are required and subject to availability at the time requested. Contact Polar Holidays today for advisement on availability and booking opportunities!