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Guide to Visit the Arctic: A month-by-month guide

Your travel experience in the Arctic will be vastly different depending on which month you take your cruise! Make sure to decide which experience will provide you with the most incredible adventure possible. If you would like more information, please contact our team! We would love to help you make the perfect cruise itinerary selection.


Cruises to the Arctic in November provide travelers with the first departures of the season!

Polar bears are starting to emerge from their winter dens with their cubs.

Polar bears aren’t the only new parents during this month, watch for Ring-Neck Seal pups!


Arctic cruises in May provide travelers with the opportunity to experience the midnight sun! 24 hours of sunlight each day give photographers stunning sights and perfect lighting to capture incredible shots.

Polar bears begin to engage in courtship battles on the ice sheets, and the local birds of the region are starting to return.

Longer daylight hours mean melting ice. Now the first voyages to Svalbard may start to depart once the ice has sufficiently receded.


Visiting the Arctic in June means traveling in peak summer conditions!

Incredible amounts of wildlife are now out and about, including birds, polar bear, whales, walrus and seals, and more.

June is a peak month for Arctic travel, so prices may be higher during this month. 

The first expeditions to the North Pole will now begin, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!


July travelers may take advantage of the warm weather by taking full circumnavigational cruises around Spitsbergen! The ice should be fully receded from the Western side of the region, allowing for ships to pass through the Hinlopen Straight.

Cruises to the High Arctic may now become available as well, so consider this month for northernmost travel.

Reindeer encounters Arctic visitors


Cruises to the Arctic regions in August are prime expeditions for bird lovers! It is peak hatching season for many of the native species, and the cliff faces are frenzied with activity.

The narrow waterways in the  Canadian arctic archipelago have now opened up enough for vessels to pass through. Guests may cruise through the legendary Northwest Passage on their way north!

If you’re interested in the Northern Lights, consider visiting Greenland on your cruise during August. See the Aurora Borealis, Musk Ox, and the beautiful tundra in it’s autumnal colors.


September brings the chilly temperatures of autumn to the Arctic.

The local animal residents are now looking for their winter dens, and considering their migrations to warmer weather.

The last expeditions to view the Northern Lights are during September, so don’t miss out!

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Learn everything you need to know about traveling to the Arctic regions in our Arctic Travel Guide! This comprehensive guide was assembled by our staff members who have almost two decades of experience with Arctic travel. Ensure you know all about wildlife, destinations, travel tips, general information, and more before you book your Arctic cruise.

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