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Visiting the Arctic in April

Visiting the Arctic in April is a great opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of this unique and remote region during a time of transition from winter to spring!

5 Reasons to Visit the Arctic in April

1. Weather

  1. While the Arctic is still cold in April, the weather is milder than in the depths of winter, making it a more comfortable time to visit.

2. Wildlife

Many Arctic animals, such as polar bears and Arctic foxes, start to become more active and visible in April as the sea ice begins to break up.

3. Activities

April offers a range of unique activities in the Arctic, such as snowmobiling, dog sledding, and skiing. It’s also a great time for bird watching and whale watching!

4. Northern Lights

While the Northern Lights are visible in the Arctic throughout the winter months, April is one of the best times to see them as the nights are still long and dark.

5. Culture

April is a great time to learn about the Indigenous cultures of the Arctic, as many communities hold spring festivals and celebrations during this time.

Views in Eastern Greenland


Arctic Cruises in April

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