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Camping on Antarctica

Experience a camping trip that few others have had – a night under the deep silence of the Antarctic sky! Your overnight adventure on a pristine ice shelf of Antarctica will be tranquil and peaceful, with only by the call of a penguin or the sound of cracking icebergs in the distance. To camp on Antarctica is to experience this region as closely and as in-depth as any Antarctic explorer The location, weather, and number of passengers will dictate how many nights you might spend sleeping on the ice. Therefore,  please ask a Polar Holidays Travel Adviser about the different options.

The Antarctic Camp Experience

After a full day of exciting excursions followed by a delicious dinner onboard the ship, jump back in the Zodiacs
and head ashore for a night of camping in Antarctica! After helping to set up camp, enjoy the sounds of the
waves and brash ice on the beach, the creaking of the glaciers, maybe even the blow of a passing whale. Warm
and cozy in your sleeping bag under the midnight sun, you will be breathing the cleanest air in the most
beautiful place on the planet. Glimpse the same Antarctica as experienced by the early explorers, while
knowing that in the morning you’ll enjoy a hot shower and a hearty breakfast back on board your warm ship.

Camping tents on antarctica at night

Who can participate?

Anyone age 12 or over, with an adventurous spirit and a willingness to rough-it for a night can camp on Antarctica. Sleeping on the
snow in this polar region is the ultimate outdoor experience! Our seasoned expedition team will select a campsite that is snow-covered and away from any breeding wildlife. We provide all necessary gear to ensure your comfort during your night ashore – including expedition-weight sleeping bags, four-season tents, a few bivy bags and insulated sleeping pads.

How Often and Where Will We Camp?

We will do our best to provide you with the opportunity to camp once overnight at a snow-covered site chosen
by our experienced team, away from wildlife and protected or vulnerable areas. Like your expedition, your
camping experience will take place in one of the roughest and toughest environments in the most remote part
of the world. Despite our experience in organizing camping programs, we cannot guarantee any particular
location because our ability to do so very much depends on the weather and ice conditions, which can be
changeable, and over which we have no control. Although rare, it may be impossible to camp during a
voyage if conditions are not safe. Should the camping program be cancelled for weather or safety
reasons, we will refund all camping fees. If not enough people choose to participate in the camping program,
we reserve the right to cancel the camping program prior to your expedition and advise you accordingly.

Camp on Antarctica

Adding Antarctica Camping to Your Cruise: There May Be a Waitlist

We take a limited number of campers, so sign up now if you haven’t already! If the camping program is already
full and you wish to camp, we’re happy to waitlist you – please notify your agent immediately. Upon
embarkation, all confirmed and waitlisted campers will be briefed on the expected conditions and procedures
for the camping. Depending on if any spaces open up prior to the camping taking place, our expedition team will clear
passengers from the waitlist, based on the date waitlisted (as well as gender, number of people in party, etc.). If upon
embarkation camping spaces are still available, an onboard waitlist will be collected, and a lottery process will
determine any additions to the camping program. Any additions to the Antarctica camping program onboard will field
partners as one entry, and singles will pair up in one tent with the same gender. Anyone added to the
camping program after embarkation must pay the camping fee prior to participation in the camping.
Because we have limited space on which to pitch tents, we cannot confirm single occupancy of a tent while
camping. To reserve your ability to camp on Antarctica please contact us today!

union glacier camping tent

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