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Top 10 Antarctica Travel Tips

Before embarking on your Antarctica cruise, make sure you have everything you need!
Packing correctly is important, but so is knowing when to book your cruise, when you should leave for you trip, the importance of travel insurance, and much more.

At Polar Holidays, we work with the best luxury and expedition cruise lines to both Antarctica and the Arctic to provide travelers with the best cruise for them at the best price. Are you considering visiting Antarctica for your next vacation? You won’t regret it! If you have questions please contact our team! We’d love to help you find the best Antarctic cruise for your next travel experience.

1. Go Now!

Antarctica has become very popular to visit. Yes, it’s still a somewhat lesser-known experience, but the number of cruise ships making Antarctic excursions has been increasing each season. Higher demand drives up cruise prices, meaning the sooner you can book  your cruise, the better price you may get! We’d love to help you find the right cruise within your budget. If you have questions please contact our team!

2. Pick the Antarctica Itinerary That’s Best For You!

With more than 400 Antarctica cruises every season, there are a lot of choices! Short itineraries, long itineraries; small cruise ships, big cruise ships; basic cabins, luxurious cabins. Should you go early season or late season? Over the holidays, when everybody wants to go? Think about your priorities, budget, and time preferences. 

3. Be Prepared For Antarctic Weather

What is the weather going to be like while you’re visiting Antarctica? It will likely rain, and snow, and maybe grace us with sunshine. The most likely scenario is that the weather will switch between all of these within a 10-minute time span repeatedly during the entirety of your journey. Pack for these kinds of conditions — both when you leave home (there are no clothing shops in Antarctica) and when you leave the ship for a landing. Don’t worry though, if you forget a coat or anything crucial many of our cruise ships feature polar boutiques that carry clothing items, etc.

4. Pack Smart

Don’t overpack, but also don’t under-pack. Almost all ships will do laundry for you at a very reasonable rate. Bring two (rather than five!) sets of everything. Layer for the excursions (thin, long underwear, fleece sweater and pants, rain pants and jacket). Don’t forget gloves (light ones are fine) and a hat. Plus, bear in mind that even on overcast days there is UV radiation and a risk of sunburn. Don’t forget to bring sunblock and sunglasses for your Antarctica cruise!

Do you need boots? Not really. There will be rubber boots to use on the ship, for no charge. These are your best option to avoid getting your feet wet when embarking and disembarking the zodiacs. If you wear insoles or orthotics, select a larger size of rubber boots on the ship. Walks to the shore are no more than a mile or two, meaning that, unless you have problems with your feet, the cruise ship’s rubber boots should be fine for you.

5. Book Your Antarctica Cruise Early

These days most Antarctica cruises are fully booked months before departure. Can you still go on a discounted Antarctica cruise?  Yes, the best strategy is to book early — 10 to 12 months in advance! There are quite a large number of early-booking discounts on many cruises. You don’t have to pay the full amount: a down payment will reserve your spot and the price. Interested in current specials on trips? Contact the Polar Holidays team.

How much can you save? About $1,000 to $2,000 per person, depending on the itinerary and cabin type. That should easily pay for your flight to South America! Not all Antarctica cruises come with such discounts, but the staff at Polar Holidays can always find you some kind of offer if you can plan ahead.

6. Leave At Least A Day Early

Air travel! Don’t we all love it? Inclement weather delays, crew timeouts, mechanical failures, and many other scenarios are always possible. Any can result in missing your flight, canceled flights, or creating issues with your travel schedule.

Buenos Aires (likely your first destination) is a popular airport, but there are probably just one or two flights to Buenos Aires from your home airport. Miss your flight and you’ll have to wait until the next day. This means a 24-hour delay. Unfortunately, your cruise ship will not wait. It’s better to arrive a day early and spend some time in Ushuaia. It’s an attractive port, with great sightseeing opportunities and terrific food!

7. Buy Travel Insurance

Even with a buffer day or two built in, you may be delayed. You may need a hotel room, or your luggage may arrive a day after you. While none of these events are ideal, travel insurance will help with some or maybe all of the extra expenses.  Depending on the coverage you choose, travel insurance can pay for unexpected hotel nights, taxis, and clothing replacements.

In addition, something may happen between the time you book your Antarctica cruise and when you go. You should be booking your cruise at least six months in advance. There’s always the risk you may have to cancel your trip, such as if you or a relative falls sick. Even something relatively minor like a broken arm may prevent you from being able to take your trip. It is safer to insure yourself against such eventualities! We can recommend a few top insurance providers.

8. Consider an Add-On Trip

You’ve just flown to Buenos Aires, then to Ushuaia. Depending on where you live, you probably spent 10 to 30 hours on planes and in airports. Why not spend a bit of time in South America before or after your Antarctic trip? Although it is very difficult to top an Antarctica cruise experience, there are many things to see in South America. Most of them are only a few hours away (if that) from Buenos Aires or Ushuaia. Patagonia, Iguazu Falls, or even Easter Island could be an add-on trip or pre-cruise experience.

9. Get The Best Deal

The staff at Polar Holidays have been to the polar regions more than a hundred times. We can help you select the itinerary that is best for you. You will not find a better price elsewhere. Contact us: we will find you the best deal for your dream trip!

10. Always Pack a Second Camera

Do you like photography? Have you used your camera on a zodiac boat? In blowing snow? Close to saltwater? You may encounter some, or more likely ALL of these conditions on your Antarctica cruise. The Polar Holidays founder is a professional photographer. He has seen cameras fail, cameras dropped on rocks and into salt water, and cameras malfunction for no reason!

Bring a second camera or even a little point-and-shoot camera — these have become really good! Any questions, reach out to Thomas. He can give you specific recommendations on what camera gear to bring. Or check out our resource on photography in Antarctica.

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