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Explore The Arctic through Adventure Activities

Have fun exploring the Arctic regions through Arctic adventure activities! These activities are included in select cruise trips, so make sure to select a cruise with the activities you want to experience! If you have any questions regarding booking, activity or cruise availability, restrictions or requirements, please contact the Polar Holidays team! We are happy to answer any questions you may have, or to book your cruise adventure! Contact Us

Polar Mountaineering

Polar mountaineering is an adventurous activity that involves climbing and exploring the landscapes of the Arctic. It is an extreme form of mountaineering that requires specialized skills and equipment, as well as a high level of physical fitness and experience in cold weather conditions. To get started with polar mountaineering in the Arctic, you should also have a solid foundation in traditional mountaineering techniques before attempting a polar mountaineering expedition. That being said, your expert guides will make sure you are well prepared with gear and skills before you depart! Learn more

Cross Country Skiing

Interested in skiing on your Arctic vacation? Consider a cruise that offers cross-country skiing! What better to way to enjoy the snowy landscapes of the Arctic regions than on skis? Cross country skiing requires moderate fitness as the landscapes will vary, but don’t worry about packing your own gear. Skis and other materials will be provided for guests. Learn more


Kayaking in the Arctic is an unforgettable experience! Paddling through waters teeming with sea life including whales, seals, and maybe even puffins! One of the best things about kayaking in the Arctic is the opportunity to see and experience the unique wildlife and landscapes that are found in this remote region. This can include reindeer, seals, whales, and many species of birds. Learn more

Hot Air Balloon Excursions

Experience the North Pole in a way few will ever experience – soaring above the Arctic in a hot air balloon (weather permitting). When weather permits, we’ll take you up for a breathtaking bird’s eye view of 90 Degree North. Don’t forget your camera! Learn more Arctic hot air balloon
Northern lights view from the ship
zodiac boats cruise to shore from the Ocean Nova ship
Pack ice northwest Spitsbergen
2a Ushuaia_1500
Around Spitsbergen, Kvitoya, August
Spitsbergen, Hike & Sail, Arctic Spring, May-June
Around Spitsbergen - august 2017
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Start Planning With Our Arctic Travel Guide!

Our expert team has compiled everything you need to know for planning your Arctic vacation expedition! Read about Arctic wildlife, destinations, travel tips, and more. Learn more

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