Antarctica Cruises

Looking for Antarctica cruises, tours & trips full of scenery, activities & elusive wildlife; we have countless Antarctica cruises to choose from! Polar Holidays eliminates the guesswork from booking your dream trip. Simply share your itinerary goals with us and we will find the perfect cruise to Antarctica for you! For those worried about motion sickness inquire about our flight options!

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Top Antarctica Cruises

Whether you’re a wildlife fanatic, an avid photographer, or an outdoor enthusiast, we have the perfect cruise to Antarctica for you.  If you are looking for staggeringly beautiful views and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, look no further. Itineraries for our cruises vary by destinations, activities, and more. See some of our favorite Antarctic trips below!

Antarctica - Polar Circle - Deep South Discovery Voyage

This Polar Circle and Antarctic Peninsula cruise will take you further south of Antarctica, crossing the Polar Circle.
$ 8,850

Weddell Sea – In search of the Emperor Penguin, incl. helicopters

See the Antarctic from the vantage point of a true expedition leader – from the air.
$ 11,750

Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Antarctica

A cruise to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia & the Antarctic Peninsula. Visit some of the most beautiful arrays of wildlife on Earth.
$ 13,000

Fly to Antarctica

The voyage to the continent through the Drake Passage is notorious for causing sea-sickness in susceptible passengers. If you want to skip this part of the cruise, a two-day long excursion both ways, then Contact the team at Polar Holidays for flight availability and information! Flights are comfortable, and only last around 2 hours each direction.

What To Know Before You Go

When To Visit Antarctica

The best time to travel to Antarctica depends on your goals! Between October and March is the travel season, and each month presents different opportunities and experiences.

Preparing For Your Antarctica Cruise

What to expect, what to pack, getting to your embarkation point, and more. Make sure you are fully prepared for your cruise!

Stewardship and Protections

As guests on Antarctica, travelers must adhere to a few rules for the safety and conservation of the region. Tour operators are also responsible for aiding in conservation and protections.

Antarctic Cruise Destinations

Antarctica is one of the most pristine wilderness areas on earth. As you cruise the spectacular waters around the peninsula you will see icebergs in all shapes and sizes. Watch for ice bridges and incredible ice sheets as well! Jagged mountain peaks rise ten thousand feet out of the sea, and towering glaciers drop giant ice slabs into the water below. Our cruises to Antarctica will bring you to some of the continent’s most stunning regions. Read more about our top Antarctic cruise destinations below!

The Falkland Islands

These historic islands are a penguin mecca, and have a rich history! Today, the islands are home to farmers and numerous sheep!

The Antarctic Peninsula is one of the most breathtaking locations on the continent! Massive icebergs and jagged cliffs provide guests with amazing photo opportunities. Watch for whales, seals, and penguins too!

The Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctica flight plane parked

Take a flight to the South Pole! This famous destination offers travelers a variety of camping experiences. Contact us for more information and booking!

First discovered by explorer James Cook in 1775, this island is full of wildlife, and expansive mountains and fjords. The gravesite of the legendary Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton is also located on the island and may be visited by guests.

Cross the Antarctic Circle

This extreme-south expedition location takes travelers along the Peninsula and down to 66 degrees 33.7′ South. Enjoy sipping champagne from the ship deck where few have traveled!

Antarctica Guide

Learn everything you need to know about the 7th continent in our guide to Antarctica! This comprehensive guide was assembled by our staff members who have almost 20 years of experience with Antarctic travel. Ensure you know all about the continent for your Antarctic cruise! Read about wildlife, destinations, travel tips, general information, and more.

Antarctic Cruise Planning Resources

Choosing the Right Antarctic Cruise

Pick the best cruise for your goals! The ideal expedition for you depends on destinations, activities, your budget, and more.

Getting the Best Deal On Your Cruise

Finding the right cruise in your budget can be challenging. Learn how to save so that you can spend where it matters the most to you!

Top 10 Antarctica Cruise Tips For Travelers

Our team has almost two decades of polar travel experience. We know a thing or two about traveling to Antarctica, and love to share our expertise with travelers!

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