Arctic cruises

Looking for a vacation like no other? Arctic cruises immerse you in unique wildlife, incredible landscapes, and diverse adventure opportunities. We have countless Arctic cruise itineraries to choose from! Whether you are an avid photographer, a wildlife enthusiast, or a bucker-lister, we have the perfect Arctic cruise for you. Polar Holidays eliminates the guesswork from booking your dream vacation. Simply share your itinerary goals with us and we will find your perfect Arctic cruise! 

Top Arctic Cruises

Are you looking to explore the Arctic region through exhilarating activities like hot air ballooning and scuba diving? Maybe you want to see as many Polar Bears as possible, or are searching for idyllic Arctic landscapes. Whatever tour itinerary your dream vacation may entail, we have the perfect Arctic cruise for you! See some of our favorite cruise picks below.

North Spitsbergen, In search of Polar Bear & Pack Ice – Summer Solstice

Sailing along the pack-ice of North Spitsbergen, will give us the best opportunities to spot the King of the Arctic.
$ 4,000

Scoresby Sund – Aurora Borealis Fly & Sail

A voyage to East Greenland's Scoresby Sund, where we will also sail along the ragged and glaciated Volquart Boons Coast.
$ 4,700

Spitsbergen – Northeast Greenland – Aurora Borealis

A voyage starting in Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen) sailing into Raudfjord and to Moffen Island on the North coast of West Spitsbergen, then sailing along the Northeast coast of Greenland and ending in Akureyri (Iceland).
$ 7,000

What To Know Before You Go

When to Visit the Arctic

The summer months are the only season where the Arctic is travelable. In the winter, the ice is too heavy for our strongest ice breaker ships.

Arctic FAQ

Embarkation, weather, and more information. Make sure you are prepared for your trip!

The Arctic vs. Antarctica

These two regions are completely different! Learn what makes each unique.

Arctic Cruise Destinations

From lush greenery to ice fields, there are countless spectacular destination to see while cruising through the Arctic. Each cruise destination is made unique by their own rich history, culture, and adventure opportunities. Attractions in the Arctic include Inuit culture, polar bears, walrus, glowing sunsets, and jagged glaciers. They can be found in destinations such as Svalbard, Greenland, and the Northwest Passage. With mythical names like Trondheim, Reykjavik and Tugtutoq.

Quark ship below the northern lights

This region is the most popular polar bear sighting destination in the Arctic! Its landscape is characterized by large and rugged mountains, as well as beautiful tundras.

Svalbard hikers

Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

Northern Norway

Northern lights view from the ship

The vast and mountainous area of Northern Norway is a stunning gem of a destination. Hidden by large mountains are rolling grassland meadows. See the Northern Lights between September and April!

Though Greenland is the world’s largest island, it is also the world’s least populated country! The island is largely covered by an ice cap, leaving only a small amount of the land mass exposed.

Greenland scenery

Canadian Arctic

Canadian arctic view, traveler atop the ice waves

Chilly and remote, visiting the Canadian Arctic makes you feel as though you are a world away. Harsh landscapes comprised of mountains and fjords make for fantastic photos. Watch for local wildlife too!

This island features geographically unique characteristics due to its history of volcanic activity. In the remote countryside, travelers may see bubbling hot springs, ice fields, volcanic rock, and intimidating mountains. In the city of Reykjavik, enjoy bustling restaurants and shops! 

iceland horse and foal

Russian Arctic

See ice-covered coastlines with historic military ties. Watch for wildlife as you pass Franz Josef Land, a set of 191 islands which are each nature preserves. Together, these islands comprise the northernmost archipelago in Eurasia.

Iconic and starkly beautiful, the North Pole is a special destination! If you are interested, ask our team about adding a helicopter ride to your itinerary.

Hot air balloon in the Arctic

Arctic Guide

Our expert team has compiled everything you need to know for planning your Arctic expedition! Read about Arctic wildlife, destinations, travel tips, and more.

Arctic Cruise Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Arctic Travel

Our team has almost two decades of polar travel experience. We know exactly what travelers need to prepare for their cruise!

Arctic Adventure Activities

Explore beyond the ship with adventure activities! Learn about which activities are offered on Arctic trips.

Arctic Wildlife Guide

Discover the residents of the Arctic in our wildlife guide!

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