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Small on the map and enormous in person, Iceland feels like a different planet entirely. Forged through centuries of volcanic activity, this water-locked island in the frigid North Atlantic feels otherworldly. Travelers will experience moody mountain peaks, immense glaciers, and sprawling icefields. Icelandic landscapes beautifully unique to this region such as fjords and volcanic areas can be find no where else. Visitors who wish to experience Icelandic culture will love Reykjavík and all the city has to offer. Eat local cuisine in authentic restaurants, walk through museums, and enjoy the architecture found around the city.


Wildlife can be found outside the city, and cruising the waters around the island ensures views of the local furry and feathery inhabitants! On the island, visitors may see Arctic Fox, Reindeer, and Mink, along with small rodents. In the coastal waters off shore, travelers may find whales, dolphins, seals, and many types of fish.


The island if Iceland has an incredible history – both in terms of settlement and volcanic history. The island was first settled during the era of Viking exploration. These early settlers included groups of Norse and Celtic peoples. Due to the island’s youth as a geographic landmass, it has many active volcanoes. These volcanoes have created incredibly unique landscapes for travelers to discover. The island lies on a fissure in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where the Eurasian and American tectonic plates meet. This meeting of tectonic plates resulted in the creation of the island itself, and its volcanic activity.


Due to Iceland’s location, the island receives a mix of cold Arctic air as well as warm gusts from the Gulf Stream flowing around the West and Southern coasts. Since there is a combination of warm and cold air, Iceland has a fair amount of stormy and gusty weather. The majority of rainy weather occurs on the Southern portion of the island. If you visit Reykjavík you will likely experience temperatures in the 50s Fahrenheit.

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