Northern Norway village

Northern Norway

Northern Norway covers about one-third of the country as a whole. The lands boast mountains which hide surprising sweeps of green farm and grazing lands in the interior. The beautiful coasts harbor numerous fjords that come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The Northern Norway winters do not experience daylight. From the middle of November through the middle of January the sun does not rise above the horizon. Conversely, from early May through to late July the sun does not fully dip below the horizon. The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) are visible on clear nights from mid to late September through to the middle of April.


The seas surrounding the area are rich in a wide variety of seafood, most notably cod. Fishing has played a major part in the region’s economy for hundreds of years. The waters are home to all sorts of whales – Humpbacks, Minkes, Orcas, Pilots, and Sperm. Our North Norway voyages will be mostly dedicated to meeting Orca’s and Humpback Whales, which feed on the wintering herring in the fjords of Tromso. Visitors may also see polar bear, reindeer, and different Arctic birds while exploring this region.


This region has a long history, it did not have an established border with Sweden until 1750. The border with Russia was not established until 1826, and these borders were not easy to secure. This area has long since been home to many different cultural groups. Today, there are Sami peoples, Russian, Finnish and Kvens people, as well as Norwegian peoples living in Northern Norway.


During the summer months, Northern Norway’s temperatures stay around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. From June to August the weather will stay at its warmest. Travelers during May to July may experience the midnight sun which keeps the temperatures warmer over the course of the day.

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