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Polar Holidays is a travel agency that specializes in booking tours and cruises to both Arctic and Antarctic regions.  Our partnerships with high-quality specialty cruise lines allow us to provide the best tour for you!  It is our goal to provide you with your dream expedition based on your cruise goals.

Our team of agents can help you plan your journey from your front door and back again, arranging all flights, connections and transfers, so you can just relax and enjoy the experience!

There are many tours, ships and itineraries to Antarctica and the Arctic.  We have been on nearly 100 trips to these areas, and continue to attend expeditions.  Polar Holidays is intimately familiar with the trips and expedition ships, and therefore we are uniquely qualified to recommend itineraries to best serve each client’s preferences. We can advise our clients on the most appropriate cruise ship, time of year, and itinerary options. 

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Thomas Kokta,



Thomas was born and raised in Germany. He moved to the United States after college and has since pursued his passion for travel and photography. Thomas has traveled to many countries around the world, but holds a special affinity for the polar regions.


Polar Specialist

Nathan grew up in the desert of New Mexico in the Southwest United States. He has been teaching high school classes for decades.


design & customer relations

Raised in Washington State, Maddy is finishing her bachelor’s degree in business administration. She enjoys traveling and exploring throughout the PNW.


Polar SPecialist

Johannes is our European specialist. Passionate about the Arctic, he loves polar bears, walruses, and the remote areas of Spitsbergen and Greenland.


Polar specialist

Nora has been an Antarctic traveler for over a dozen years. Though she does not enjoy the Drake Passage and is always happy to reach “the other side”, she doesn’t let it get in the way of her passion. She loves the penguins and albatrosses, and is very knowedgeable on expedition ships and cabins. 


Polar Specialist

A recent addition to the Polar Holidays team, Mee has been working in the travel industry for 5 years. Her expertise is in finding and planning trip excursions that clients may be interested in experiencing before or after their polar adventure.


Polar SPecialist

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jonathan completed his degree in biochemistry and philosophy. Following graduation he enrolled in medical school in Central Europe. Traveling to more than 17 countries, Jonathan is an expert in international travel and the fine art of finding the cheapest flights for his adventures.


Our Mission

  • We care about our customers and only represent the highest quality ships offering the best value.
  • Polar Holidays sells trips based on our client’s needs and preferences. We do not sell trips based on commissions.
  • To continue to spend time at the polar travel destination to maintain our intimate knowledge of them and the ships that go there.
  • Our company partners with and represent companies for their quality, safety, environmental practices, service and the best overall experience for our clients.
  • To provide the highest quality experience in the planning stage of a client’s trip.
  • Our team will help you plan a trip of a lifetime starting from your door!
  • To provide dedicated staff to help you find the right cruise at the right price.
  • We charge no additional fees – you receive the same price as booking direct with much more personalized service, and help you book add-on excursions you may wish to book.

Our team loves the polar regions, and want you to enjoy them too! Going to the Arctic or Antarctica is one of life’s greatest experiences!

We believe in supporting our natural heritage and help the following companies through donations and encourage you to do the same:

Polar Holidays' History

Polar Holidays was founded by Thomas Kokta. Thomas was born and raised in Germany, and he caught the travel bug during his college years. A stint as a student in the U.S. convinced him that he wanted to see more of this big, big world.

His notable outdoor adventures include a 220 mile hike along the John Muir trail, summiting such mountains as McKinley in Alaska, Aconcagua in Argentina, Kilimanjaro in Africa, and an attempt at Mount Everest (alas, he only got to 26,000 ft). Wanting others to see the amazing places he had seen, Thomas began taking photographs as a way to share his wild world with family and friends. 

Thomas Kokta Photography

Thomas’s images have been recognized time and again, most recently by Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International Awards, Travel Photographer of the Year, International Color Awards and Black and White Spider Awards. Thomas’s images are also sold through several stock agencies, including Getty Images and Masterfile. You can see more about Thomas’ photography here:


Always seeking new challenges and adventures, Thomas switched gears from a wild life of mountain climbing and various outdoor activities in search of new landscapes and wildlife all over the world. Whether trying to stay warm in -40° F temperatures to photograph polar bears, braving rough seas to seek out great white sharks, or sweating it out on the African savanna, Thomas always appreciates how fortunate he is to travel, and observe the wonders of the world. He looks forward to helping you plan your own polar adventure

Photos Courtesy of Thomas Kokta Photography

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