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Visiting the Arctic in June

June is an excellent time to visit the Arctic for anyone looking to experience the unique natural beauty and culture of this region.

5 Reasons to Visit Antarctica in Month

1. Weather

June is also a relatively mild month in the Arctic. Temperatures are generally above freezing, which makes it easier to explore the outdoors. It’s also a good time for wildlife viewing, as many animals are more active during this time of year.

2. Wildlife

With the melting of ice in the Arctic Ocean, many species of wildlife begin to emerge and become more active in June. This is an ideal time to spot polar bears, walruses, reindeer, and various species of birds that come to the Arctic to breed.

3. Activities

The June weather and near-constant daylight provides guests with many activity options. Choose from hiking, bird watching, sightseeing, zodiac cruising, hot-air ballooning, and more.

4. Culture

June is a great time to visit the indigenous communities in the Arctic. Many of these communities hold festivals and cultural events during this time of year, which offer a unique opportunity to learn about their way of life and history.

5. Midnight Sun

One of the most amazing things about visiting the Arctic in June is experiencing the midnight sun. Because of the Arctic’s location, the sun never fully sets during this time of year, and you can enjoy 24 hours of daylight. This means you can enjoy activities like hiking, wildlife watching, and even skiing at any time of day.

Northern Spitsbergen in June


Arctic Cruises in June

North Spitsbergen, in the realm of Polar Bear & Ice

Sailing along the pack-ice of North Spitsbergen, will give us the best opportunities to spot the King of the Arctic, Walrus, Reindeer, various bird species and surprisingly beautiful flora.
$ 4,000

15 Days Extended North & East Spitsbergen – Summer Solstice

Linking two of our most exploratory Spitsbergen trips, we'll cruise the island’s northern shores for pack ice and polar bears, and the scenic eastern shorelines during the summer solstice.
$ 6,400

North Spitsbergen, Basecamp, Free kayaking, Hiking, Photo Workshop, Cleaning the Shores

The North Spitsbergen Basecamp cruise offers you a myriad of ways to explore and enjoy this Arctic Region.
$ 4,000

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