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Antarctic Cruise Fleet


  • Holds up to 139 guests 
  • A state-of-the-art stabilising system ensures comfort in open water

Ocean Nova

  • Holds up to 67 guests
  • One of the few small ships with dedicated Single cabins, as well as Twins and Triple cabins, all with a picture window and en-suite bathroom

Ocean Adventurer

  • Holds up to 128 guests
  • Won the Travel Weekly Magellan Award for Overall Small Cruise Ship (500 passengers or under).


  • Holds up to 199 guests 
  • Dedicated ‘readying rooms’ and multiple zodiac embarkation points ensure there’s no waiting to get on land

World Explorer

  •  Holds up to 172 guests (140 on Antarctic Express programs)
  • One of the few Polar ships where every cabin has its own balcony providing easy outdoor access

Island Sky

  • Holds up to 110 guests
  • All of the suites are ​at least double the size of the average polar cabin. Some have French doors & balconies

Arctic Cruise Fleet

50 Years of Victory

  • Holds up to 160 guests 
  • Helicopter flightseeing provides an amazing bird’s-eye-view of the ship in action amongst the ice and of the sheer vastness of the polar scenery

Kapitan Khlebnikov

  • Holds up to 110 guests
  • The ship offers 51 outside cabins and suites, all featuring private facilities, large windows, desk, hair dryer, robes and large closets

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