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When to Visit Antarctica: A month-by-month guide

There is no best time to go to Antarctica, and your travel experience in Antarctica will be vastly different depending on which month you take your cruise! Make sure to decide which type of experience will provide you with the most incredible adventure – wildlife and landscapes will look different, depending on when you travel to Antarctica. If you would like more information, please contact our team! We would love to help you make the perfect cruise itinerary selection.


Cruises to Antarctica in November provide travelers with the first departures of the season!

The sea ice is abundant and milling about the chilly waters. See many unique ice formations!

Penguins are looking for their mates and may show you their best courting display behavior.


December cruises to Antarctica provide travelers with the incredible opportunity to spend Christmas on the continent!

Penguin chicks are now starting to hatch, and may be observed hatching. 

Longer daylight hours give guests ample light to enjoy activities and witness incredible scenery!


Visiting Antarctica in January means travelers will experience the peak daylight hours, that means 20+ hours of sunlight!

Penguin chicks are now learning basic survival skills and can be seen exploring with their parents.

January is a peak month for Antarctic travel, so prices may be higher during this month. 


February travelers have the special opportunity to sail all the way South to the Antarctic Circle. This trip may only happen once the sea ice has receded slightly from January’s warm and lengthy sunlight.

Watch the sea for whales! They’re now starting to return to Antarctica as well.


Cruises to Antarctica in March are the last of the season. Watch for savings on off-season bookings!

Whales are abound in the waters as they snack on the abundant cetaceans. 

Penguin chicks are now exploring the ice and may prove to be inquisitive towards visitors!

Start Planning With Our Antarctica Travel Guide!

Learn everything you need to know about the 7th continent in our guide to Antarctica! This comprehensive guide was assembled by our staff members who have almost 20 years of experience with Antarctic travel. Ensure you know all about the continent for your Antarctic cruise! Read about wildlife, destinations, travel tips, general information, and more.

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