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Top Antarctica Cruises

What Cruises to Antarctica are the best? Take it from us! We have over 20 years of experience traveling to both Antarctica and the Arctic. Polar Holidays cruises provide you with the best experience at the best price.

Our Top Recommended Antarctica Cruises

Antarctica & South Georgia Air-Cruise

Join us for a remarkable experience that takes you through the western Antarctic Peninsula, through Elephant Island to South Georgia.
$ 15,495

Celebrating Antarctica

Prepare yourself for towering icebergs, awe-inspiring wildlife, and historical sites that will take you back to the very first days of Antarctic exploration.
$ 10,705
On Sale

Why Fly to Antarctica On Your Cruise?

Flying to the Antarctic Peninsula is one of the most unique and exciting ways to travel to this amazing destination. There are only a handful of these types of trips, and they are definitely worth considering if you want to experience Antarctica in a truly unique way.

The main benefit of flying to the 7th continent is that you can cover a lot more ground in a shorter amount of time. This is perfect for travelers who want to see as much of Antarctica as possible without having to cross the Drake Passage.

Some members of our team are sea-sick travelers, take it from them!

Shackleton's Final Quest

Follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest explorers of all time, Sir Ernest Shackleton, as we journey deep into Antarctica by way of the wildlife-rich Falkland Islands/Malvinas and South Georgia.
$ 21,325

Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica

The sub-Antarctic Falkland Islands/Malvinas and South Georgia are home to some of the most unique and abundant wildlife on earth.
$ 19,265
On Sale

Why Cruise to South Georgia?

There are many reasons why you should consider taking a South Georgia Island cruise. For one, the island is home to an incredible amount of wildlife. South Georgia Island is a haven for penguins, seals, and other marine life. You’ll have the opportunity to see these animals up close and personal on a South Georgia Island cruise.

In addition to its abundant wildlife, South Georgia Island is also home to some history . South Georgia Island was the site of Ernest Shackleton’s famous Endurance expedition. You can learn all about this incredible story on a South Georgia Island cruise.

Finally, South Georgia Island is just an incredibly beautiful place. The island is covered in glaciers, mountains, and forests. You’ll be able to explore all of South Georgia Island’s natural beauty on a South Georgia Island cruise.

So why wait? Book your South Georgia Island cruise today!

When to Visit Antarctica

Planning your polar vacation? The Antarctic cruise season offers different experiences each month.

Antarctic Destinations

Unique adventures await at each Antarctic region! Specific areas are home to penguins, icebergs, and incredible landscapes.

Flying to Antarctica

Consider a flight to the 7th continent. Flying saves travelers the two-day either way sailing through the Drake Passage. There are many differeny flight plans available!

Ready to Book Your Polar Expedition?

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