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The continent of Antarctica encompasses endless beautiful scenes and landscapes. When booking your Antarctic cruise, make sure to research which Antarctic destinations you want to visit! All of our cruise destination information is here for you to peruse. If you have questions or booking requests please contact the Polar Holidays team! Our experts have been to Antarctica many times and know the answer to any questions you may have. If you would like to learn more about Antarctica, take a look at our Antarctica Guide.

Destinations in Antarctica

King penguin

South Georgia

The spectacular scenery of South Georgia includes mountains as high as 7,000 feet, glaciers, and fjords. For the history buffs, you may have the opportunity to visit early whaling stations. The gravesite of the great explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton, lies in this region as well. Wildlife South Georgia houses more wildlife than any other place on the planet. Thousands of King Penguins, plus Wandering Albatrosses

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Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands

Wildlife Five species of penguin – Rockhopper, Magellan, Gentoo, King, and Macaroni penguins all call the Falkland Islands their home. The largest breeding population of Black-Browed Albatross also live on this island. Some of their largest groups populate remote inaccessible islands, making the Falkland Islands the ideal viewing destination. Seal species breed on this island as well. The elephant seal, sea lion, and fur seal

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Aerial view of the South Pole camp

South Pole

Fly to the South Pole, and stand at 90° South, the ultimate goal of polar explorers Amundsen and Scott. The chance to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has limited booking availability. Contact us today for booking! Lodging Arrangements in the South Pole Our tented camp provides

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Crossing the Antarctic Circle Cruise Ship

Crossing the Antarctic Circle

Crossing the Antarctic Circle we will chart a course through the Drake Passage and along the Antarctic Peninsula. Our cruise ships are fully equipped ice-strengthened vessels, and with favorable sea conditions we will get to 66 degrees 33.7′ South. Crossing the Antarctic Circle will put you in rare company as very few travelers have been below the Antarctic Circle. Views Crossing the Antarctic  Circle Enjoy

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