Crossing the Antarctic Circle Cruise Ship

Crossing the Antarctic Circle

Crossing the Antarctic Circle we will chart a course through the Drake Passage and along the Antarctic Peninsula. Our cruise ships are fully equipped ice-strengthened vessels, and with favorable sea conditions we will get to 66 degrees 33.7′ South. Crossing the Antarctic Circle will put you in rare company as very few travelers have been below the Antarctic Circle.

Views Crossing the Antarctic  Circle

Enjoy the wildlife of the Peninsula, and colossal icebergs along the way. The farther south we go, the more sea ice we are likely to encounter. Be sure to watch for sea life and stunning scenery on your cruise!


James Cook was the first to cross the Antarctic Circle in 1773, along with his crew. Cook originally looked  for Bouvet Island but instead found that he and his crew had sailed higher in southern latitude than any ship ever had before.


The ideal window for sailing across the Antarctic Circle is February. During this month, temperatures average around 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Guests should plan to bring warm layers as it can be windy as well as cold. This month often provides sunny weather, so though it may be cold it will also be beautiful.

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