Travel Insurance

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Even with a buffer day or two built in, you may be delayed. You may need a hotel room, or your luggage may arrive a day after you. Whereas none of these events are ideal, travel insurance will take the sting out of some, or maybe all, of the expense.  Depending on the coverage you choose, travel insurance can pay for unexpected hotel nights, taxis, and clothing replacements.


In addition, something may happen between the time you book your Antarctica cruise and when you actually go. You should be booking your cruise at least six months in advance. There’s always the risk you may have to cancel your trip, such as if you or a relative falls sick. Even something relatively minor, like a broken arm, may prevent you from going. Better insure yourself against such eventualities! 

Recommended Insurance Carriers:

Travelex Insurance Services 

Trip Assure 


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Gentoo penguins, Antarctic wildlife
Gentoo penguins and photographer
Zodiac boat with polar travel team waving
Travelers wave from their zodiac boat cruise

Our Travel Insurance Requirement

Polar Holidays requires travelers to be adequately covered by a travel insurance policy. Such policy must cover aero-medical evacuation from Antarctic/Arctic destinations as a result of a medical emergency during a trip. This includes emergencies related to pre-existing health conditions. In addition, Polar Holidays strongly urges travelers to be adequately covered by trip cancellation and interruption insurance. Certain tours have specific additional insurance requirements, please ask if there are unusual requirements for the tour you are interested in.


Polar Holidays will not be held responsible for delays due to an act of God; perils of the sea, harbors, rivers, or other navigable waters; act of any governmental or ruling authority; epidemic; collision; stranding; fire; faults or errors in navigation or management of any other vessel/camp; seizure of the vessel/camp under legal process; any abrupt or unexpected increase in the cost of fuel or shortage of fuel; war; hostilities; riots; strikes or labor stoppages; or any other cause or circumstance beyond Polar Holidays or the vessel/camp owner’s responsibility or control.


Any additional costs accrued will be the responsibility of the traveler.



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