Antarctic Peninsula mountain

The Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctica, known as the 7th Continent, is one of the most pristine wilderness areas on earth. As you cruise the spectacular waters around the Antarctic Peninsula you will see icebergs in all shapes and sizes. Uniquely formed ice bridges and massive sheets of ice sit atop the water and jagged mountain peaks rise ten thousand feet out of the sea. If you watch closely from the ship you may see towering glaciers drop giant chunks into the water below! 


Fascinating wildlife is abundant throughout the Antarctic Peninsula. Breeding pairs of penguins gather by the tens of thousands on the ice. Magnificent albatross with a 12-foot wingspan fly past the cruise ships. Elephant, Weddell, crabeater, leopard, and fur seals share the ice. Humpback, minke, and Orca whales dine in the ocean waters and are often seen from your ship, or while you are on a zodiac tour.


In January 1820, William Smith and Edward Bransfield of the English Royal Navy became some of the first explorers to lay eyes on the continent. They sailed through what we now call the Bransfield Straight, and sailed up to the Antarctic Peninsula.


The weather on the Antarctic Peninsula is milder than anywhere else on the continent. January has temperatures between 32-34 degrees Fahrenheit. By June, temperatures range between 5 to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainy conditions may present themselves during summer months.


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