This trip charts a course through the Drake Passage and along the Antarctic Peninsula with the goal of crossing the Antarctic Circle. Our tour ships are fully equipped ice-strengthened vessels, and with favorable sea conditions, we will get to 66 degrees 33.7′ South. Crossing the Antarctic Circle will put you in rare company — Very few travelers have been below the Antarctic Circle. Enjoy the wildlife of the Peninsula and colossal icebergs along the way. The farther south we go, the more sea ice we are likely to encounter. 

Antarctica, known as the 7th Continent, is one of the most pristine wilderness areas on earth. As you cruise the spectacular waters around the peninsula you will see icebergs in all shapes and sizes, even ice bridges and massive sheets of ice. Jagged mountain peaks rise ten thousand feet out of the sea, and towering glaciers drop giant chunks into the water below.

Fascinating wildlife is abundant around the peninsula. Breeding pairs of penguins gather by the tens of thousands on the ice. Magnificent albatross with a 12-foot wingspan fly past the cruise ships. Elephant, Weddell, crabeater, leopard, and fur seals share the ice and humpback, minke, and Orca whales dine in the ocean waters and are often seen from your ship, or while you are on a zodiac tour.