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Due to shortages in cabin spaces for the 2023-24 & 2024-25 Antarctica cruise seasons we recommend completing bookings as soon as possible!

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We usually have Antarctica and Arctic cruise and fly-cruise specials running throughout each cruise season. Specific 2022 and 2023 Antarctica cruises are on sale now! Take a look at our cruise specials page to see all current cruise deals, and please contact our team for more information!

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Save $2000 USD per person on ten exclusive departures aboard Ocean Nova between now and March 31, 2023. Enjoy a small-ship adventure with access to world-class guides, exotic wildlife, and all the beauty of Antarctica. Now is a great time to book your trip of a lifetime. Promotional rates start at $9,495 USD.

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This offer includes select departures on the 11 or 12-day trip -Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th Continent. Experience Antarctica on the brand new ship Ultramarine! Promotional rates start at $7,992 USD.

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Polar Holidays is a small premier booking agency specializing in luxury and expedition cruises to both the Antarctic and Arctic regions! We partner with high-quality specialty cruise lines to provide our clients with the best selection of cruises to bothpolar regions.

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Cruises to Antarctica

Your cruise to Antarctica begins and ends in South America, with December as the best month to plan a cruise or fly-cruise vacation trip of a lifetime. Cruises to Antarctica on one of our beautiful cruise ships offer stunning scenery and breathtaking experiences only found in the remote South of Planet Earth. There are many factors to consider when booking your Antarctica cruise or flight. The time of year, duration of your trip, and your tour itinerary goals will dictate which Antarctica vacation trip is the best fit for you. Look no further for an Antarctica expedition filled with thrilling wildlife, immense views, and exhilarating vacation activities.

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Which Cruises To Antarctica Are The Best?

All of our Antarctic vacation itineraries offer travelers a once-in-a-lifetime experience! That being said, our top recommended trips are selected due to their specific itinerary options, whether they include penguin safaris, helicopter rides, or other features that guests have highlighted as fantastic!

Antarctica Vacation Travel Guide

Learn all about the region before your Antarctica cruise! The local wildlife, destinations to visit on your cruise, frequently asked questions, and more can be found here. Also check out our Choosing the Best Antarctica Cruise for You page for even more great Antarctica vacation travel tips.

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Cruises to the Arctic

Visitors travel to the Arctic to enjoy one of the last truly wild places on Earth. Arctic cruises are limited to the summer months between June and September due to weather. While traveling to the Arctic there are countless spectacular sights including wildlife, glaciers, and striking landscapes. Guests are able to enjoy this beautiful region from beyond the cruise ship through offered activities!

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Arctic Vacation Travel Guide

Find information regarding regional wildlife, traveling information, destinations, and frequently asked questions regarding our Arctic cruises! The Arctic provides a stunning vacation experience.

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What to Know About Antarctica Cruise Vacations

Cruises to Antarctica allow travelers the chance to enjoy and explore this beautiful and remote region. There are many options for Antarctic guests when it comes to getting to the continent and the activities you can participate in while there. Choose from a luxury cruise experience, or an expedition-type journey! We recommend reading up on the protection regulations that we must all adhere to while exploring Antarctica or the Arctic regardless. Though, not to worry – your guides will remind you of all rules while you are on board. If you would like more information or have questions about our cruises to Antarctica, please contact our experienced cruise experts today!

Flying to Antarctica

Experience motion sickness on ships or want to maximize your time exploring? Skip cruising the Drake Passage and fly directly. We have a multitude of flights available to fit any and all preferences.

Choosing the Best Antarctica Cruise For You

Find the perfect cruise to Antarctica for your goals. Whether you're looking for a short or long cruise, a wildlife-filled experience, or an adventure like no other, we'll help you find the right match.

Stewardship and Protections on Antarctica

Antarctica cruises provide travelers an amazing opportunity to interact with this pristine wilderness. While enjoying its rugged and wild wilderness, we must also do our part to keep it safe for future generations to enjoy.

Adventure Activities in Antarctica

Our cruises offer a variety of adventure activities for you to participate in on your Antarctica cruise! From skiing and snowshoeing, to camping and more.

Polar Holidays' Cruise & Travel Tips

Top 10 Travel Tips

Our expert team has almost two decades of Antarctica travel experience! Who else would have the best travel tips?

Choosing The Best Antarctic Cruise

Find the perfect Antarctica cruise for you! Your budget, goals, and travel season will dictate which experience is the best fit.

Get The Best Deal On Your Antarctic Vacation

While cruises can be expensive, there are always ways to save! Our tips and tricks on getting the best deal can help you get the cruise you want at the best price.

Preparing For Your Polar Cruise

What to pack, getting to your embarkation point, and everything you need to know! Make sure you're ready to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Are You New To Polar Cruises?

Everything you need to know before you book your Arctic or Antarctica cruise vacation is right here!  

Polar Differences

The Arctic and Antarctica are polar opposites (literally)! So the experience for travelers when visiting will be very different depending on which region you choose.

What to expect when traveling to the polar regions

Traveling to either the Arctic or Antarctica may be completely new to you, so we compiled the most useful travel information for both regions. Learn about weather, general information, and what to expect regarding preparation for your cruise.

What It's Like On The Ship

Daily life aboard a cruise ship sailing for the Arctic or Antarctica may be different than other cruises you have experienced before! Learn about the daily experience, available amenities on board, and what you can expect once you set sail.

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Make sure your expedition is covered! We have great recommendations for insurance carriers. It is in every traveler's best interest to make sure their cruise is covered in case of emergency or other unforeseen issues.

Why Book Your Cruise Through Polar Holidays?

We are polar experts! We have almost two decades of experience visiting Antarctica and the Arctic, and helping and booking our customers the polar cruise that is best for them. We do the work for you by sorting through hundreds of available cruises while prioritizing your goals – to provide you with your dream expedition.  Contact us today for your free consultation with an Antarctica and Arctic booking specialist.

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