Explore Antarctica through adventure activities

Discover the continent of Antarctica through a variety of different offered trip activities. Different fitness and booking requirements may be requested for certain activities so make sure to read about any activity you may be interested in booking! If you have any questions please contact our team!

Arctic hot air balloon

Hot Air Balloon

Experience the North Pole in a way few will ever experience – soaring above the Arctic in a hot air balloon (weather permitting). When weather permits, we’ll take you up for a breathtaking bird’s eye view of 90 Degree North. Don’t forget your camera!

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Camp on Antarctica

Camp on Antarctica

Experience a camping trip that few others have had – a night under the deep silence of the Antarctic sky! Your overnight adventure on a pristine ice shelf of Antarctica will be tranquil and peaceful, with only by the call of a penguin or the

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polar diving

Polar Diving

As if visiting Antarctica were not otherworldly enough, there is a whole other world for you to explore under the water’s surface. Sign up for polar diving to adventure into a seascape like no other. The Antarctic waters team with krill, meaning quite a lot of

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Hiking and Snowshoeing

Explore Antarctica through one of the best and most traditional methods – on foot!  Most trips offer a walk or hike, often with snowshoes offered, of varying difficulty. You can choose between an easy stroll or strenuous hike to see the spectacular sights. Hiking or

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polar cross country skiing

Cross Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing in Antarctica or the Arctic provides travelers an opportunity to experience spectacular frozen landscapes. Travelling quickly and quietly across the snow, you can explore deeper into the wilderness than you’d be able to reach on foot. Ski tours also take advantage of the

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kayaking pair


What to See & Expect While Kayaking Antarctica and South Georgia are truly the best frontiers for kayaking. Paddling in these pristine, icy, wilderness areas will excite even the most seasoned adventurer. It is a rare opportunity as few have experienced these magical regions by

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photography in antarctica


Bring your camera and learn tips from the pros! Polar Holidays cruises include a photography activity. This experience provides a dedicated photography coach who will be at your disposal. Watch our experts in action and receive instruction to perfect your shots with workshops and seminars.

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