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Kapitan Khlebnikov


The Kapitan Khlebnikov is a polar-class icebreaker combining power and technology with comfort. A legendary research vessel turned cruise ship, no passenger ship has transited the Northwest Passage more often than the renowned Kapitan Khlebnikov. Originally designed to take on the rigors of northern Siberia, the 24,000 horsepower engine and advanced ice-breaking technology take you places no other ship can. It’s strength allows the ship to break through ice up to two meters thick.

Recently renovated, the ship offers 51 outside cabins and suites, all featuring private facilities, large windows, desk, hair dryer, robes and large closets.

  • Ice Class Rating: Rated at LL3
  • Crew and Staff: 70
  • Cruising Speed: 15 knots
  • Propulsion: Diesel-electric engines – 24,000 total horsepower
  • Guests: 110


Dining Room

If there is one constant at sea, it is that you’ll enjoy delicious meals on a daily basis. While meal times may change due to landings and wildlife encounters, you’ll always be served three meals a day.


On Deck 5 you will find a library of polar books, reference, and general reading materials in multiple languages covering subjects like wildlife, history, marine biology, ecology, and geology. The library is open 24 hours a day and also includes a selection of games for your entertainment.

Polar Boutique

If you forgot any essentials or need a little souvenir from your voyage, the Polar Boutique on Deck 5 is our onboard gift shop.


Located on Deck 3, gym hours are posted at the door, with facilities available on a first come, first served basis.


The Auditorium on Deck 7 is large enough to accommodate everyone on board and it serves as our main lecture hall where presentations and movies are provided for your education and enjoyment.


Deck 3 features a sauna located next to the pool for guests to enjoy.


Deck 3 features a small heated indoor plunge pool for guests to enjoy.

Helicopter Hangar

Housing the ship’s helicopter, the hangar is an important part of the Kapitan Khlebnikov. 


  • Cruising with the Kapitan’s 24,000 horsepower engine provides a smooth and comfortable experience!
  • One of the on-board experiences that’s a hit with guests is a visit to the Bridge. There, you’ll get to see firsthand how the Captain and officers sail and navigate the ship. Many guests say the Bridge visit deepens their expedition experience.
  • The Kapitan hosts its own helicopter! Enjoy excursions out above beautiful landscapes and incredible ice formations!

Deck Plan

Cabin Options


Triple cabin equipped with one lower berth, one sofa bed and one pull-down upper berth. Also equipped with opening window, writing desk and chair, private facilities, 2 wardrobes, storage box and shelving. Average cabin size 15.5f x 8.9f (4.7m x 2.7m).

  • Size (sqf): 138

  • Occupancy: 1-3

  • Bed Config.: 1 lower twin bed, 1 upper twin bed and 1 sofabed

  • Class: Standard

  • Location: Deck 5, Deck 6, Deck 7, Deck 8


The twin cabins come with one lower berth and one sofa bed. All twin cabins feature a large opening window, writing desk and chair, private facilities with shower, as well as wardrobe and storage shelves for your personal belongings. Average cabin size is 15.5 ft X8.9 ft (4.7 m X 2.7 m).

  • Size (sqf): 138

  • Occupancy: 1-2

  • Bed Config.: 1 twin, 1 sofabed

  • Class: Standard

  • Location: Deck 5. Deck 6, Deck 7, Deck 8


Suite comes with one small double bed, multi-TV/DVD player, refrigerator, 2 windows, separate living room with table, writing desk and chair, open wardrobe, shelf and sofa bed and private bathroom facilities with shower.

  • Size (sqf): 347

  • Occupancy: 1-3

  • Bed Config.: 1 small double, 1 sofabed

  • Class: Premium

  • Location: Deck 6 & Deck 7

Corner Suite

Corner suite comes with one small double bed, one sofa bed, separate suite sitting room, 2 opening windows, 2 desks/chairs, table, refrigerator, TV/DVD player, CD player and private facilities.

  • Size (sqf): 323

  • Occupancy: 1-3

  • Bed Config.: 1 small double, 1 sofabed

  • Class: Premium

  • Location: Deck 6 & Deck 7

Additional Cabin Information

Guests frequent Deck 3 to enjoy the heated indoor plunge pool and the sauna. That could very well be the first thing they do after they’ve visited the gym, also on Deck 3. Convenient changing rooms are adjacent. The amenities on Kapitan Khlebnikov ensure guests can follow their fitness routines, relax and rejuvenate during their polar voyage.

The combination of adventures available on Deck 4 never fails to impress.  First, there are culinary adventures to be enjoyed in the dining room where guests dine on chef-prepared meals at white linen-covered tables. And for off-ship adventures, this is where the Zodiacs launch guest out into the wide polar seas. At the opposite end of Deck 4 is the helicopter deck where two helicopters await guests to board for incredible aerial views of the ice-covered polar landscapes.

Deck 5 is where you’ll find the Bar and Lounge for those who wish to have a drink and socialize. The Library, open 24 hours, stocks books on all manner of polar-related subjects. Twin Suites and Triple Suites are also found on Deck 5, And should you wish to purchase any outdoor gear, polar-branded clothing or other souvenirs, you need only head to the Polar Boutique on Deck 5.

Features in the two Suites include one small double bed, 2 windows, separate living room with table, writing desk and sofa bed. The much sought-after Corner Suites entice guests with their separate siting room, 2 opening windows, 2 desks, one small double bed and one sofa bed, among other amenities. Guests staying on Deck 6 can also choose one of the 15.5f x 8.9f (4.7m x 2.7m) Triple, or Twin cabins, both of which are equipped with an excellent range of amenities.

On Deck 8, there are Twin Suites (one lower berth and one sofa bed and a large opening window) and Triple Suites (one lower berth, one sofa bed and one pull-down upper berth, plus an opening window). Otherwise, this Deck is home to the Officer’s Cabins and the Captain’s Cabin.


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