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Top 5 Reasons to Take an Arctic Cruise

  1. Explore one of Earth’s most remote regions

Discover the stunning landscapes of the Arctic region. Take spectacular photos of the unique wilderness, wildlife and natural wonders of a region of the planet very few people have ever witnessed or enjoyed. The countries that cross the Arctic circle include Canada, United States (Alaska), Greenland, Iceland, Finland and Norway. They share a stark beauty and fascinating history sure to delight the adventurous traveler.

Northern lights view from the ship

  1. Experience beautiful snow, ice and wildlife

The wildlife you may see up close on an Arctic cruise is unlike any other region on the planet. Polar bear families playing in the snow; killer whales hunting for prey across the abundant fjords; Svalbard reindeer bounding across the tundra; puffins toddling on pack ice and the Arctic Fox scavenging for food. These animals rely on the cold temperatures, snow and pack ice for their survival. The snow and icebergs are also a visual wonder to behold and a major draw to the region. Lucky for tourists, the summer months offer an opportunity for tours when pack ice recedes enough for boats to cruise in the area.

  1. Voyage to Svalbard

Your Arctic cruise is a voyage to Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago. You may see walrus laying on the ice, polar bears hunting, Arctic fox scavenging food and beluga whales swimming through the fjord. Svalbard is located between mainland Norway and the North Pole making it one of the world’s northernmost areas, known for its rugged yet inhabited terrain. The midnight sun is visible from Svalbard during the summer months along with 24 hours of sunlight. In fact, there is no sunset from about April 19 to August 23 in Svalbard.

Greenland scenery

  1. Adventures on Greenland

Some Arctic tours include an adventure to Greenland where large swaths of the country are covered by the Northern Ice Cap with ice as thick as two miles from the surrounding ocean to the middle of the island. The ice brings incredible mountaineering opportunities such as a 1000m peak climb up Taaterat Glacier; snowshoeing or skiing on the Alpine mountains on west side of the island; or a float through gigantic icebergs. Greenland is simultaneously the largest island on the planet and the least populated country on Earth.

  1. Observe the midnight sun

The midnight sun, visible in places north of the Arctic circle close to the Arctic’s summer solstice about June 21, is one of the world’s great natural wonders. Because the sun is present 24 hours per day at this time of year, the sun is visible at midnight. Travelers may view the midnight sun from many spots in the Arctic region. For people desiring to experience and observe the Arctic region of our planet, an Arctic cruise is the trip of a lifetime. You will never see the planet in the same light after you have experienced an Arctic adventure.


Polar Holidays has been traveling and booking expedition cruises to the polar regions for almost 20 years. We are familiar with the seasons, the destinations and the environments. We love to share our deep passion for the polar regions with travelers and explorers. You can expect to be enriched by our in-depth knowledge of the Arctic and Antarctic regions and dazzled by the incredible landscapes and wildlife unique to the area on one of our luxurious cruise ships. Our experienced operators are here to help you choose the best tour for your needs and interests. We offer complete booking and advisement services, taking care of the details so you can enjoy the cruise of a lifetime. Contact us today to get started!